Raffle of hope for wild animals 2023

From March 10, 2023, Univet Nature is organizing its first online Raffle in favor of wild animals, natural ecosystems and the human populations that depend on them.

The objective is to distribute €255,000 (85 % of the proceeds from the Raffle) to partner associations of Univet Nature. To do this, we will have to sell 60,000 €5 notes in 3 months, i.e. almost 700 notes per day on average!

This Raffle offers to win nature discovery trips, organized by our partner Escursia ( https://www.escursia.fr/ ),  and articles from the catalog of the League for the Protection of Birds ( https://boutique.lpo.fr/ ). The first Lot has a value of €10,000, the draw will designate 100 winners.

You can also earn Rewards by participating in the Challenge. The 50 people most engaged in ticket sales will receive a Reward. The first Reward has a value of €3,000.

To participate in the Challenge, all you need to do is :

  • 1. Retrieve your challenger number by contacting us at contact@univetnature.org or Tel: 07 70 24 84 51 / 06 23 75 70 94
  • 2. Then communicate this number to your entire network, asking these people to enter your challenger number in the form for purchasing their tickets.

“Dad, Mum, dear friends: I don’t want gift for my birthday. In place, I suggest you buy Univet Nature Raffle tickets and register my number of Challenge on your purchase form. You will support a good cause, you will be able to win a trip, maybe you’ll make me win the Challenge.”

To talk about the Raffle around you, do not hesitate to use the poster, the press kit, the video presentation and the rules downloadable :

Video presentation

To buy one or more Raffle tickets, go to the page of our partner HelloAsso, which offers you to participate in bank charges with a voluntary contribution : you can increase, decrease, delete this voluntary contribution.

Thank you for your support, and good luck!